Areas of practice

Depression and anxiety, grief, trauma, disability and chronic illness, stress, confidence and self-esteem, relationship and family issues.

Counselling services and approach

Modern life evokes a multitude of stressors which can often lead to anxiety, depression, and generally feeling overwhelmed. Counselling is a good way to help ease the pressure of these situations, and assist to promote enjoyment from life. However, sometimes, situations or circumstances occur that cause distress which requires professional help. I am trained to provide this assistance, and I view it as an honour to be able to work with my clients in this way.

Counselling is the perfect place to explore thought processes and life issues/events. As my client, you are the expert in your own life, but I can help by providing a sensitive and safe place for you to voice your concerns.

My counselling training has involved comprehensive practical instruction in a number of counselling approaches, as well as robust theoretical and cultural work. My clients and I work together pluralistically (meaning that the techniques and approach we use are decided together, based on your needs), using shared strengths and skills (with a little bit of humour, when appropriate!) to reach the best outcome for you.

Generally, my approach to counselling is inherently person-centred; I treat my clients with unconditional positive regard, empathy, and a focused presence. I have been trained in short-term solution-focussed methods, behavioural strategies, and work in an embodied gestalt-style approach. Overall, we will work together in a way which best suits you and your concerns.

About me

As a born and raised Cantabrian, after a stint studying in Dunedin and working in Wellington, I am pleased to have returned home.

Previously a lawyer, counselling was a career move that I had long been considering, and I took the opportunity to move into when my physical health necessitated a change of pace.

I love to sing, read, and paint. I enjoy watching movies and relaxing with close friends and family. My favourite place in the world is out on Banks Peninsula – the image you see on this website.

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$100 per 50-60 minute session

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